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Masterpiece Art

Hang It Right

Posted by Masterpiece Art Team on

How to Hang Art

Create Harmony by Hanging Art at the Right Height

We get asked all the time on the mechanics of hanging art – not just how to arrange, but what are the best practices for taking the plunge and putting hammer to nail! Let us demistify it for you, there is a little known secret used by art galleries and museums that works really well in just about every situation when you are hanging art in the home or on display anywhere.

It all comes down to hanging your art at 145cm on center. What? “On centre, what does that mean?”  it means that the middle of your picture is right smack at 145cm from the floor up. The reason this works so well is that 145cm is the average eye-height of people – the natural position where most people’s eyes settle when looking at objects on walls. By doing this you create harmony in a room and a standard that creates a unified look throughout. Additionally, it helps stop the one mistake made most often … hanging pictures too high.

Here are the steps.

  1. Measure from the floor up to 145cm and make a mark on the wall
  2. Take the height of your picture and divide in 2
  3. Measure from the top of your picture to the top of the wire when it is pulled tight
  4. Subtract this number from step 2 – this tells you how far above that 145cm mark your hook should be placed
  5. Take that number and measure up from your 145cm mark, mark your wall - this is where your hook and nail goes

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